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Captcha Bypass Examples

This repository demonstrates weakness of filtering human users with CAPTCHAs. Created for educational use only. Any illegal or criminal use of these examples is strongly forbidden.


  • NodeJS
  • npm packages puppeteer and @antiadmin/anticaptchaofficial

List of solutions:

  • Bypass CloudFlare with easy filters.
  • Bypass CloudFlare with strong filters (SSL handshake fingerprint).
  • Bypass DataDome protection, Python version
  • Bypass Recaptcha Enterprise V2.
  • Bypass Enterprise Recaptcha V3 at sign-in page.
  • Bypass Enterprise Recaptcha V3 at sign-in page.
  • Bypass Arcoselabs Funcaptcha at sign-in page.
  • Bypass Recaptcha V3 at registration page.
  • Bypass Wallmart's PerimeterX screen using an AntiGate template.
  • Bypass HCaptcha Enterprise.
  • Sign In at by solving Recaptcha Enterprise.


Post your captcha bypass requests in issues section

captcha-solving captcha-breaking captcha-solver 2captcha deathbycaptcha anti-captcha captcha-bypass anticaptcha captcha-recognition bypasscaptcha bypass-recaptcha-v2 bypass-invisible-recaptcha captcha-services-for-recaptcha-v2 recaptcha-v2-captcha-solver google-recaptcha-solver recaptcha-solver-python recaptcha-bypass-script recaptcha-solver bypass-on-captcha-recaptcha hcaptcha-solver datadome cloudflare bypass-datadome bypass-cloudflare