iodine front-end for iOS
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iodine front-end for iOS. Small i and J stand for 2 purposes:

  • i for fanboys to recognize
  • iJodine is a liet-glish middle for iodine/jodas


Please, don't read this.

Set up is complicated because of iodine, tunemu and libpcap dependencies. This is an ad-hoc way that works for now:

compile and include pcap

get bundle from github ( comment out everything but pcap compile

now we have iPhone paths that we should include to:

  • Header Search Paths

one recursive path which includes the compiled directories suits fine.

define DAWIN and TUNEMU in build options

At this stage iodine alone compiles.

make base64u.h base64u.c in iodine source path (xcode is not intelligent enough do this itself)

II. Add iodine subproject to whatever you are building (here)

  1. Drag iodine like a subproject to the workspace.
  2. Adjust "Header Search Path" to include paths in the subproject

III. Add linker dependencies

Add iodine_whatever.a, zlib.1.2.5.dylib and libpcap.1.1.1.dylib as static binary dependencies to the iJodine project. At the moment it is added to the project root path and settings, but it might be sufficient to add to project path only.