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@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ Moved to the Wiki Pages: [Home]( |
* Waiting for requests :)
* Add more regional keyboard layouts.
+* Add an input mask extension. I think I'll try to make it compatible with [this plugin](
## Known Problems
@@ -72,6 +73,21 @@ Moved to the Wiki Pages: [Home]( |
Only the latest changes will be shown below, see the wiki log to view older versions.
+### Version 1.10 (7/9/2012)
+* Added `{next}` and `{prev}` action keys which makes switching between input/textareas easier.
+* Added the ability to make some action keys get the button action class applied
+ * The action class (options.css.buttonAction) makes the button stand out like the `{accept}`, `{cancel}` & `{enter}` keys.
+ * Add double exclamation point to the custom key name `{custom!!}` or to any built-in action key except: `{accept}`, `{alt}`, `{bksp}`, `{cancel}`, `{combo}`, `{dec}`, `{enter}`, `{meta#}`, `{shift}`, `{sign}`, `{sp:#}`, `{space}` or `{tab}`.
+ * See a demo named "Custom Action Key" in the *More Demos* section of the [home page wiki documentation](
+* Added `stopAtEnd` option which when `true` prevents the default switch input function from wrapping to the first or last element. Useful when used in combination with the new `{next}` and `{prev}` action keys.
+* Modified diacritic key modification code:
+ * As before, diacritic (dead) key combinations will be ignored when the `{combo}` key is inactive.
+ * But now, in modern browsers, when the `{combo}` key is reactivated, only the two characters immediately to the left of the caret will be evaluated for key combinations instead of the entire input string.
+ * Older IE (IE8 and older) will continue to check and update the entire input string.
+ * Change made to make dead keys more useful as described in [issue #79](
+* Fixed `stayOpen` function not allowing keyboards to open/close with multiple keyboards. Hopefully this new method will squash all the problems with `stayOpen` and `alwaysOpen` options. Fixes [issue #82](
### Version 1.9.21 (6/18/2012)
* IE should now behave like other browsers when switching inputs; clicking on another input with a keyboard open will now switch immediately instead of requiring a second click.
@@ -1,13 +1,13 @@
jQuery UI Virtual Keyboard
-Version 1.9.22
+Version 1.10
Author: Jeremy Satterfield
Modified: Rob Garrison (Mottie on github)
Licensed under the MIT License
-Caret code from jquery.caret.1.02.js
+Caret code modified from jquery.caret.1.02.js
Licensed under the MIT License:
@@ -71,6 +71,8 @@ Options:
{e}, {enter} - Return/New Line
{lock} - Caps lock key
{meta#} - Meta keys that change the key set (# can be any integer)
+ {next} - Switch to next keyboard input/textarea
+ {prev} - Switch to previous keyboard input/textarea
{s}, {shift} - Shift
{sign} - Change sign of numeric entry (positive or negative)
{sp:#} - Replace # with a numerical value, adds blank space, value of 1 ~ width of one key
@@ -94,7 +96,6 @@ CSS:
.ui-keyboard-placeholder { color: #888; }
.ui-keyboard-nokeyboard { color: #888; border-color: #888; } - disabled or readonly inputs, or use input[disabled='disabled'] { color: #f00; }
$.keyboard = function(el, options){
var base = this, o;
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