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Kana keyboard layout flushed

Aligned and flushed keys on japanese-kana keyboard
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1 parent 867eef0 commit d5bcf07017d38923e2efee945f524e37dcda0fd6 @pacoalcantara pacoalcantara committed Sep 12, 2012
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  1. +6 −6 layouts/japanese.js
@@ -18,22 +18,22 @@ $.keyboard.layouts['japanese-kana'] = {
'0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9',
'\u3042 \u3044 \u3046 \u3048 \u304a \u306f \u3072 \u3075 \u3078 \u307b',
'\u304b \u304d \u304f \u3051 \u3053 \u307e \u307f \u3080 \u3081 \u3082',
- '\u3055 \u3057 \u3059 \u305b \u305d \u3084 \u0301 \u3086 \u3088 {bksp}',
+ '\u3055 \u3057 \u3059 \u305b \u305d \u3084 \u3086 \u3088 {bksp}',
'\u305f \u3061 \u3064 \u3066 \u3068 \u3089 \u308a \u308b \u308c \u308d',
'\u306a \u306b \u306c \u306d \u306e \u308f \u3092 \u3093 \u3090 \u3091',
- '\u3041 \u3043 \u3045 \u3047 \u3049 \u3099 \u309a \u0301 \u0301 {shift}',
- '\u3083 \u3085 \u3087 \u3063 \u0301 \u30fb \u30fc \u301c \u0301 {alt}',
+ '\u3041 \u3043 \u3045 \u3047 \u3049 \u3099 \u309a \u0301 {shift}',
+ '\u3083 \u3085 \u3087 \u3063 \u0301 \u30fb \u30fc \u301c {alt}',
'{accept} {space} {cancel} {enter}'
'shift' : [
'0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9',
'\u30a2 \u30a4 \u30a6 \u30a8 \u30aa \u30cf \u30d2 \u30d5 \u30d8 \u30db',
'\u30ab \u30ad \u30af \u30b1 \u30b3 \u30de \u30df \u30e0 \u30e1 \u30e2',
- '\u30b5 \u30b7 \u30b9 \u30bb \u30bd \u30e4 \u0301 \u30e6 \u30e8 {bksp}',
+ '\u30b5 \u30b7 \u30b9 \u30bb \u30bd \u30e4 \u30e6 \u30e8 {bksp}',
'\u30bf \u30c1 \u30c4 \u30c6 \u30c8 \u30e9 \u30ea \u30eb \u30ec \u30ed',
'\u30ca \u30cb \u30cc \u30cd \u30ce \u30ef \u30f2 \u30f3 \u30f0 \u30f1',
- '\u30a1 \u30a3 \u30a5 \u30a7 \u30a9 \u3099 \u309a \u0301 \u0301 {shift}',
- '\u30e3 \u30e5 \u30e7 \u30c3 \u0301 \u30fb \u30fc \u301c \u0301 {alt}',
+ '\u30a1 \u30a3 \u30a5 \u30a7 \u30a9 \u3099 \u309a \u0301 {shift}',
+ '\u30e3 \u30e5 \u30e7 \u30c3 \u0301 \u30fb \u30fc \u301c {alt}',
'{accept} {space} {cancel} {enter}'
'alt' : [

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