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Holding a key while closing a Keyboard causes an error #102

jeremyckahn opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Focus the input to instantiate a Keyboard.
  3. Hold any key (such as the alt key), and then hit the Escape key to close the Keyboard (while still holding the first key).
  4. Release all keys.
  5. Observe error at this line.

This was observed in all browsers on Mac OS X 10.7.4.

The erroring code is being called asynchronously from this setTimeout, so it's likely the code is performing an operation on a state it is not expecting.


Hi jeremyckahn!

Thanks for reporting this issue. It appears that Windows 7 doesn't close the keyboard when using ctrl-esc or alt-esc so I'm not getting any errors. Since I'm about to release a version, I've added the fix below to the setTimeout. Hopefully it will fix the problem. If not, I shall investigate it further.

base.throttled = setTimeout(function(){
    if (base.isVisible()) {
}, 100);

Thanks for the speedy reply! Yeah, that looks like a sane fix. When will the new version be out? I'm happy to test it.


5 minutes :P


Just tested it out - the fix works. Thanks again for the fast turnaround!


Also, in case you were curious what I'm using this plugin for, I'm looking to implement it and add some Gamepad API related functionality for my Pine project.

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