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Hi - I was testing out the numeric keypad on an iPad (my friend's - I'm an Asus lover) and I noticed a few things:

1 - The highlight would drop from the first number pressed, when other numbers were pressed afterwards (ex: entered 489923 - and the 4 stayed highlighted).
2 - Sometimes I could only enter in a few numbers (usually 4 or 5) and then no nothing else would work - no more numbers being displayed, the Clear wouldn't work, and the Backspace would work.

Any idea what could be causing these issues? Any tricks to get around them?

thanks -
ReeRee Baker


Hi ReeReeBaker!

There are some other open issues stating that this keyboard plugin isn't working properly on the iPad. I don't own an iPad, so I can't troubleshoot this problem. I'm hoping someone else out there is able to figure out the problem.

In the meantime, does that page work properly on a desktop computer?


I've fixed the highlighting issue in version 1.16.

I'm not sure about why the keyboard would stop working... maybe there was an error?


I'm guessing this issue has been resolved, so I'm closing it. If the problem persists, please share a demo of the problem by modifying this demo, or share any javascript console errors of note.

@Mottie Mottie closed this May 6, 2013

Hi Mottie, I really like your virtual keyboard, thanks for the great work.

I'm still experiencing the 'highlighting issue' in 1.17.1 -- my workaround for now is a small change to the position() call (it's just a patch to fix the issue, but not a real solution):

    // position after keyboard is visible (required for UI position utility) and appropriately sized
    if ($.ui.position) {
        // BTZ: Force a no-collision initially
        var nocollision = $.extend({}, base.position)
        nocollision['collision'] = 'none'

        // BTZ: Delay actual positioning since iPad seems to automatically highlight a keyboard button depending on where the input was clicked
        }, 1000)

I think what's happening is that after the keyboard becomes visible and is re-positioned such that some of the buttons overlap the original input element, a 'touch' event is triggered (somehow, i don't know why) at the point where the element was touched before the keyboard was displayed -- the effect is that the keyboard button that now overlaps that point becomes highlighted (as if it was also touched, even though it wasn't).

It may have something to do with caret positioning -- but I'm just guessing...

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