Select still not working correctly in IE9 #147

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shelfos commented Mar 15, 2013

In IE9 I'm still having trouble getting the keyboard's preview to select the text when clicking on an input field to open the keyboard. I have set up the visible callback so that the preview's input text is selected as per your instructions in issue #25 (I opened issues #75 and #122 but didn't follow up after that due to time constraints at the time - I apologize for that and appreciate you looking into it).

visible : function(e, keyboard, el) {

In Chrome it seems to work ok, but in IE9 the text either doesn't get selected at all or it initially does but then gets un-selected again as soon as you hover over and off of the keyboard buttons (change usePreview to false and true to see the differences). If I "tab" into the input field it works so it seems to be isolated to clicking on the input to open the keyboard.

Here is your Select Text demo from the Home Page.


Mottie commented Mar 16, 2013

Hmm, that darn IE... well try adding a setTimeout for now (demo) and I'll see if I can figure out why IE is still being stubborn.

    visible: function (e, keyboard, el) {
        setTimeout(function () {
        }, 10);

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Mottie commented May 6, 2013

Sorry for taking so long... this also needed the fix from issue #160.

Here is an updated demo

This was referenced May 6, 2013

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