tabindex confuses tabNavigation #60

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bachp commented Mar 29, 2012

Hi again

When you add tabindex="1" and tabindex="2" to the input fields and add tabNavigation, the tab order is reversed in the keyboard navigation.


However if tabindex="0" and tabindex="1" is used it works.


Mottie commented Apr 1, 2012

Hi Pascal-bach!

Hmm, I think it's completely ignoring the tabindex... I'll have to dig into this issue a bit more when I have free time, which has quickly become scarce.


Mottie commented Apr 4, 2012

Hi Pascal-Bach!

There's not much I can do about using tabindex='"0", it seems to not act as expected. In this demo, click in the first input area and press tab. It goes to the browser location input area. If you start in the second input and tab, it cycles through the remaining tab indexes correctly until it reaches the end, where it then jumps to tabindex="0" followed by the browser location input area. I've seen this behavior in both Chrome and Firefox so far. So the only solution would be to not use a tab index of zero.

Now, when I add more than two keyboard inputs and try to use tab navigation, it always jumps to the first. Which means the tab navigation is still broken, so I'll leave this ticket open. Sorry for the delay, my father has been in the hospital for the past month.


Mottie commented Apr 4, 2012

I believe I have solved the tabNavigation issue in v1.9.15. I appreciate all of your help with testing and all of the feedback you have been giving. Thank you! :)

Mottie closed this Apr 27, 2012

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