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I have managed to pinpoint an issue with a keyboard I am using at the moment. I am unsure if the issue is a bug or my implementation of some custom keyactions on the keyboard. There are 2 custom keyactions, for next and previous navigation. The keyactions are slightly customised from the standard navigation as they should only navigate between visible textboxes (some textboxes may be hidden at times).

To replicate issue:

  1. Click first field, enter some text with keyboard
  2. Click "Next F(ield)", enter some text into the second field.
  3. Click "Next F(field)", enter some text into the third field.
  4. Click the first field textbox with mouse, enter some text.
  5. Click "Next F(field)" twice which should navigate the cursor to the Third textbox.

The keyboard for the third field remains invisible and will not appear. It seems that once the mouse is used to focus on a textbox, the textbox which was last being used becomes invalid and can no longer be opened.

Mottie commented Jul 7, 2012

Sorry, I've been busy, but I'll look into this issue this weekend :)

@Mottie Mottie added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 9, 2012
@Mottie fixed stayOpen issue #82 d684b11
Mottie commented Jul 9, 2012

Hi mossybreen!

It was a bug in the stayOpen code. Hopefully I've finally fixed all of the issues with stayOpen and alwaysOpen which should also work in the demo you shared.

Additionally, I've added two new action keys named {next} and {prev} which use the internal switchInput function to move between input/textareas.

Thanks for reporting this issue!


Hi Mottie,

Thanks for the quick response and fix, but I am still able to reproduce the issue at the url above. Are there changes to my code needed for it to work?


Mottie commented Jul 9, 2012

Sometimes you need to reload the jsFiddle a few times to clear the cache. The demo is working fine for me. :)


Hi Mottie, Sorry I am still able to replicate the issue as described above. I have upgraded to v1.10 locally and the steps above still create the issue. I have also tried the jsfiddle url above on a fresh browser and the issue is still present. Any suggestions? Regards, Mossy


Mottie, I have managed to workaround my problem by adding setting alwaysOpen to true in the options. I traced the issue to this line in the focusOn method:

if (!base.isVisible || o.alwaysOpen) {

isVisible was returning true in the case described above even though the keyboard was not visible.

Mottie commented Jul 10, 2012

Thanks! I'll look into this as well =/... so many things to do, so little time! My OCD is on overload!

@mossybreen mossybreen closed this Jul 13, 2012
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