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tablesorter (FORK) is a jQuery plugin for turning a standard HTML table with THEAD and TBODY tags into a sortable table without page refreshes. tablesorter can successfully parse and sort many types of data including linked data in a cell. This forked version adds lots of new enhancements including: alphanumeric sorting, pager callback functons, multiple widgets providing column styling, ui theme application, sticky headers, column filters and resizer, as well as extended documentation with a lot more demos.

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  • Because of the change to the internal cache, the tablesorter v2.16+ core, filter widget and pager (both plugin & widget) will only work with the same version or newer files.



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  • Check the FAQ page.
  • Search the main documentation (click the menu button in the upper left corner).
  • Search the issues to see if the question or problem has been brought up before, and hopefully resolved.
  • If someone is available, ask your question in the #tablesorter IRC channel at
  • Ask your question at Stackoverflow using a tablesorter tag.
  • Please don't open a new issue unless it really is an issue with the plugin, or a feature request. Thanks!



  • Multi-column alphanumeric sorting and filtering.
  • Multi-tbody sorting - see the options table on the main document page.
  • Supports Bootstrap v2-4.
  • Parsers for sorting text, alphanumeric text, URIs, integers, currency, floats, IP addresses, dates (ISO, long and short formats) & time. Add your own easily.
  • Inline editing - see demo.
  • Support for ROWSPAN and COLSPAN on TH elements.
  • Support secondary "hidden" sorting (e.g., maintain alphabetical sort when sorting on other criteria).
  • Extensibility via widget system.
  • Cross-browser: IE 6.0+, FF 2+, Safari 2.0+, Opera 9.0+, Chrome 5.0+.
  • Small code size, starting at 25K minified.
  • Works with jQuery 1.2.6+ (jQuery 1.4.1+ needed with some widgets).
  • Works with jQuery 1.9+ ($.browser.msie was removed; needed in the original version).


  • Copyright (c) 2007 Christian Bach.
  • Original examples and docs at:
  • Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL licenses (pick one).


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If you would like to contribute, please...

  1. Fork.
  2. Make changes in a branch & add unit tests.
  3. Run grunt test (if qunit fails, run it again - it's fickle).
  4. Create a pull request.

Special Thanks

  • Big shout-out to Nick Craver for getting rid of the eval() function that was previously needed for multi-column sorting.
  • Big thanks to thezoggy for helping with code, themes and providing valuable feedback.
  • Big thanks to ThsSin- for taking over for a while and also providing valuable feedback.
  • Thanks to prijutme4ty for numerous contributions!
  • Also extra thanks to christhomas and Lynesth for help with code.
  • And, of course thanks to everyone else that has contributed, and continues to contribute to this forked project!

Recent Changes

View the complete change log here.

Version 2.28.8 (4/18/2017)

  • Docs:
    • Update version tags.
  • Core:
  • Filter:
    • Add equalFilters function; for more reliable comparisons.
  • Pager:
    • use equalFilters function for comparison. See issue #1384.
  • Resizable:
    • Add resizable_includeFooter option. Fixes issue #1386.
  • Scroller:
  • Storage:
    • Add options early to prevent validator message.
    • Add storage_storageType option & deprecate storage_useSessionStorage.
  • Meta:
    • Update dependencies x2.

Version 2.28.7 (4/4/2017)

  • Editable:
  • Filter:
    • Add "filterAndSortReset" method. See issue #1361.
    • Prevent JS error added from last update. Fixes issue #1377.
  • Meta:
    • Fix composer.json license.

Version 2.28.6 (4/2/2017)

  • Core:
    • Prevent overwritting default widgetOptions. Fixes issue #1356.
    • Fix method of saving default widgetOptions. See issue #1356.
    • Update column count after reset.
    • Add fix it (in Abelt) note for issue #1362.
    • Update widgets after sortReset. Fixes issue #1361.
    • The applyWidget callback now occurs after "tablesorter-ready" event
  • Docs:
    • Update jQuery to v3.2.0.
    • Fix "update" labels from previous version.
    • Add note about Excel & output_encoding. See issue #1353.
    • Clarify parser & sorter class name differences.
    • Add note about event binding after build widget completes. See issue #1370.
    • Fixed linting issues.
    • Add some internal links.
  • Build:
    • Stop build widget option warnings.
  • Filter:
    • Compare last search array (instead of a combined string). Fixes issue #1363.
  • Output:
  • Pager:
    • Fix "all" option to not set when the option doesn't exist. See PR #1364; thanks @simenflatby!
    • Stop using combined filter values. See issue #1363.
    • Use "all" only when the option exists. Fixes #1364 & #1366.
  • Sort2Hash:
  • Parsers:
    • Add leading zero parser & demo.
  • Theme:
    • Add CSS highlight file; copied from the demo.
  • Meta:
    • Add composer.json file. Fixes issue #1355.
    • Readme: Move questions section closer to the top.
    • Update dependencies.
    • Fix indentation & remove extra spaces.
    • Remove cdnjs auto-update config - see CDNJS #9080.
    • Update SPDX license.