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Broken jQuery version compatibility #124

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Current doc says "Required: jQuery (1.2.6 or higher;..", but it seems that the current release of tablesorter is not supported by jQuery release prior to 1.4.3.

In fact, at lines 750,751 and 964 of the TableSorter version 2.3.11, the method .data() is invoked with no arguments, and this signature is supported starting from jQuery 1.4.3 (see

The same happens for the Filter widget, which uses .nextUntil(), added to jQuery since version 1.4 (see


Thanks, I did notice this while working on v2.4... I need find a way to detect if jQuery supports data objects before trying to use them.


does anyone really still need/use jquery versions that old? its 3? years old


Unfortunately, somebody is stuck with Drupal 6, which has a built in support for jQuery 1.3 at most...
However, the problem is that the documentation is misleading, but I suggest to support at least jQuery 1.5.x which is integrated in Drupal 7.


people can just use an older version of tablesorter if they need some specific compatibility (in lieu of not having the latest and greatest features). if you are going to run 3+ year old jquery/drupal/whatever, i dont think its too much to expect them to run an older version of tablesorter as well.

for the same reasons we shouldnt support ie6/7 anymore.. we shouldn't punish others and restrict development due to some ancient browser/code that no one uses anymore.. but anyways we are aware of the jquery version and hope to get everything sorted out as the core requires one version.. then a plugin and or plugin options requires a different min version.. thus we really just need a matrix or bump that whole plugin to use the highest possible (which may be a little off).

then you also have things like the saveSort which uses localStorage (html5) but can fallback to cookie (if the user includes.. we dont provide it).


Version 2.4 is now live. Hopefully I've taken care of the incompatibility issues with the core and jQuery v1.2.6. The widgets now have a compatibility table showing which ones require which jQuery version. Sadly, the filter widget still uses the nextUntil() function so jQuery 1.4.3 is still required.

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