Tablesorter breaks in Safari on iOS5 #174

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I'm using tablesorter 2.4.6 in a mobile site I'm working on. I just ran across an issue in iOS 5 where the tablesorter plugin throws an error. The error points to the following line of code:

h = $headers.filter(':not([colspan])[data-column="' + i + '"]:last,[colspan="1"][data-column="' + i + '"]:last');

I'm trying to figure out a solution to the issue, but I have been unable to do so.


This is similar to issue #132...

But I should have it fixed in the next update. Basically, I've changed the code to this:

h = $headers.filter(':not([colspan])');
h = h
    .add( $headers.filter('[colspan="1"]') ) // ie8 fix
    .filter('[data-column="' + i + '"]:last');

I replaced the code in my script and that worked out great. Thanks.


Ok, the lastest version 2.4.7 has this fix. Thanks for reporting this issue! :)

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