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ganezuu commented Oct 29, 2011

Filter widget and pager plugin don't work together.
Any ideas?

Mottie commented Oct 29, 2011

Hi Ganezuu!

Well, they do sort of work together... demo - just set the pager option removeRows to false.

I need to figure out how to limit the number of results shown by the filter, and be able to page through them, when the filter is showing results.

Give me some time, or lend me some brain power, to figure out a better method.


any update on this?

Mottie commented Dec 21, 2011

I haven't had a chance to mess around with this, but I did find a nice plugin that might work better:


I just tried that out, filter+pager works, but column sorting does not work if there is a pager. without a pager you can sort a column by clicking on it.

EDIT: I removed removeRows: false from my tablesorterPager options and it seems to be working well now

Mottie commented Dec 21, 2011

Cool!... when I find time, I'll look into integrating that plugin.

Igosuki commented Jun 21, 2012

Right, so I had a look at things and the big problem is that pager does not integrate at all, it just does a bit of css manipulation at the end of sorting.
I think the right move would be to turn it into a widget. Now to find the time :)...

Mottie commented Sep 27, 2012

Hopefully this has been fixed in v2.4. Check out this demo.

@Mottie Mottie closed this Sep 27, 2012
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