Colspan breaks the sorting in the latest version #78

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If a table has a colspan in the header, trying to sort on that column will cause js error.

Mottie commented May 23, 2012

I have this demo with multiple colspans and I'm not seeing an error... is it a particular browser?

The demo you mention here is a little bit something new.
I am talking about normal header colspan, without any other header rows.
Such as:

<tr><th colspan="2">Name</th><th>number</th></tr>
<tr><td>Some person 1</td>
      <td><a href=action1>delete</a></td>

This type of table is not functional with the latest version. It worked the whole time beautifully until now.
It has something to do with the css for the sub-headers (that are not there, of course).

Mottie commented May 23, 2012

Ok, thanks for clarifying that. I'll have the problem fixed in the next update.

Hi Mottie,

This may be related to this same issue, but I found another problem related to using the normal colspan.

It was really hard to narrow it down, because it only occurs with the compiled code and only when jquery.metadata is also included. It throws a javascript exception, that isn't very helpful.
I tried to reproduce it with your examples, using the same compiled code, no problem. The moment I added a colspan, I got the same error.

So apparently metadata, just like the css is causing issues with colspan.

Mottie commented May 28, 2012

Ok, hopefully these colspan issues have been fixed in v2.3.5.

@Mottie Mottie closed this Jun 10, 2012

Thanks for fixing, works great now.

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