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Zebra do not follow "tablesorter-infoOnly" in nested table. #98

Casper-O opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I have been working around a few hours with TableSorter 2.3.10, and it seems like it would not allow me to have a nested table where Zebra should not be added to.

Is it a bug, or just me doing something wrong? did like to have just the main table marked with Zebra and sortable, all others contain information that must not be sortable.


Thanks for reporting this! I'll include it in the next update!


I've run into this problem as well (with 2.3.11). Assuming that nested tables should never have zebra striping changed by tablesorter, then the fix may be as simple as changing this line in the zebra widget definition:
OLD: $tv = $tb.find('tr:visible');
NEW: $tv = $tb.children('tr:visible');


Thanks! I'll include this in the next update :)


I made a note that this was added in v2.4... but really I think I added it in (not numbered). Anyway, it's in there now :)

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