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tablesorter is a jQuery plugin for turning a standard HTML table with THEAD and TBODY tags into a sortable table without page refreshes. tablesorter can successfully parse and sort many types of data including linked data in a cell.


  • Because of the change to the internal cache, the tablesorter v2.16+ core, filter widget and pager (both plugin & widget) will only work with the same version or newer files.




  • Multi-column alphanumeric sorting and filtering.
  • Multi-tbody sorting - see the options table on the main document page.
  • Supports Bootstrap v2 and 3
  • Parsers for sorting text, alphanumeric text, URIs, integers, currency, floats, IP addresses, dates (ISO, long and short formats) & time. Add your own easily.
  • Inline editing - see demo
  • Support for ROWSPAN and COLSPAN on TH elements.
  • Support secondary "hidden" sorting (e.g., maintain alphabetical sort when sorting on other criteria).
  • Extensibility via widget system.
  • Cross-browser: IE 6.0+, FF 2+, Safari 2.0+, Opera 9.0+, Chrome 5.0+.
  • Small code size, starting at 25K minified
  • Works with jQuery 1.2.6+ (jQuery 1.4.1+ needed with some widgets).
  • Works with jQuery 1.9+ ($.browser.msie was removed; needed in the original version).


Special Thanks

  • Big shout-out to Nick Craver for getting rid of the eval() function that was previously needed for multi-column sorting.
  • Big thanks to thezoggy for helping with code, themes and providing valuable feedback.
  • Big thanks to ThsSin- for taking over for a while and also providing valuable feedback.
  • Also extra thanks to christhomas and Lynesth for help with code.
  • And, of course thanks to everyone else that has contributed, and continues to contribute to this forked project!


  • Check the FAQ page.
  • Search the main documentation (click the menu button in the upper left corner).
  • Search the issues to see if the question or problem has been brought up before, and hopefully resolved.
  • If someone is available, ask your question in the #tablesorter IRC channel at
  • Ask your question at Stackoverflow using a tablesorter tag.
  • Please don't open a new issue unless it really is an issue with the plugin, or a feature request. Thanks!

Change Log

View the complete listing here.

Version 2.17.4 (7/4/2014)

  • Docs

    • Copied the tablesorter initialized option from the event section into the configuration; renamed the event appropriately (tablesorter-initialized event)
    • Added notes about how to bind to "init" events; they should be bound before initializing tablesorter because in most cases, the events fire before the binding occurs.
  • Core

    • Add $.tablesorter.hasWidget(table, 'widgetId') function. It returns a boolean value of true when the named widget is actively applied to the table.
  • Filter

    • Add filter_searchFiltered option to allow disabling the search of already filtered rows.
    • The filter_initialized flag now gets set appropriately. Fixes issue #668.
    • Include any column filter in determination of searching already filtered rows. Fixes issue #669.
    • Add internal config.filteredRows variable. Provides a value of the number of currently filtered (visible) rows. Fixes issue #670.
    • Add internal config.totalRows variable. Provides a value of the total number of rows in the current table, not including info-tbody rows.
    • Fix change/search event being ignored for selects & filterFormatter extensions.
    • filterInit and filterEnd events now pass config as a parameter.
  • Pager

    • Removed from beta status
    • Filtered rows now equals the total rows when ajaxProcessing returns an array. Fixes issue #667.
    • Update the config.filteredRows when using ajax to match the internal config.pager.filteredRows. See issue #670.
    • Widget only: ensure pagerComplete event fires on initialization.
  • Resizable

    • Bind mousemove to document instead of table header. Makes resizable handle use consistent with other resizing libraries, as the user would expect. Fixes issue #665.
    • Add resizable_throttle option to allow throttling of the mousemove/resize event. Set this option to true or a number between 1 and 10 to add a throttling delay. Fixes issue #662.
  • UITheme: non-existent columns no longer cause a js error. Fixes issue #672.

Version 2.17.3 (6/28/2014)

  • Docs

    • Added bold notes to the output widget demo about setting the server content-disposition. Fixes issue #653.
    • Updated to latest Bootstrap (v3.2.0), jQuery UI (v1.11.0) and Cupertino theme.
    • Embedded gists within the documentation should now work properly.
  • Core

    • Add "tablesorter-processing" class name to table during processing. Fixes issue #655.
  • Filter

    • When filter_liveSearch is set to a number, it now searches when pressing enter. Fixes issue #654.
    • Modify change event so a select searches the table without requiring a carriage return. Fixes issue #650.
  • Pager

    • Objects returned by ajaxProcessing can now include a filteredRows value. Fixes issue #649.
    • Fix internal use of selectorRemove option, to consistently extract out the class name from the selector string.
    • Previous & Next buttons now disable with zero filtered pages. Fixes issue #649.
    • Changed pager widget goto page selector option to gotoPage, because goto is a reserved word. Fixes issue #657.
  • Scroller

    • Add scroller_upAfterSort option to prevent scrolling after clicking a checkbox. Fixes issue #660.
  • Static Row

    • Static rows are now manipulated witin a detached tbody.
    • Updated demo to allow toggling of static rows using ctrl (or command on Mac) + click.
  • Parsers

    • Added new Roman numeral parsers. There are three different parsers to cover three different use cases. Please see the roman numeral parser demo for details.

Version 2.17.2 (6/18/2014)

  • Docs

    • Added more details about using pager ajax options.
  • Core

    • The clearTableBody function now detaches rows instead of incorrectly detaching the tbody.
  • Editable widget:

  • Filter widget:

    • The selectSource option now correctly handles parsed values that return zero.
    • Filter formatter for jQuery UI datepicker now remembers the correct date.
    • Corrected filter events & prevent table manipulation if filters are empty on initialization. Fixes issue #645.
  • Pager addon/widget:

    • Specifically target rows to prevent issues with ember scripts. Fixes issue #638.
    • Correctly detach and append jQuery rows provided by the ajaxProcessing function. Fixes issue #650.
  • Print

    • jQuery requirement modified to support jQuery v1.2+ (previously it was v1.7+).
    • Popup now automatically closes with print dialog. Fixes issue #643.
  • Scroller widget:

    • The thead width is now set in IE. Fixes issue #637.
    • Set column widths are now maintained, including Bootstrap. Fixes issues #634 & #380.
    • Change default scroll bar width to 18. Fixes issue #363.
    • Scroller now behaves properly with horizontal overflow scroll, column alignments, and hidden cells. Fixes issues #340 & #333.
  • Themes

    • Bootstrap white unsorted icon now shows when the icon-white class is added. See issue #648.
    • Remove auto height settings from filter elements.

Version 2.17.1 (5/28/2014)

  • Docs:

    • Add some missing examples & updated some version number comments for the last update
    • Reflow widget: Fix demo to use preset widths & css transitions instead of forcing users to manually resize the examples.
    • Output widget: add note about modifying the .htaccess file to enable downloading in both IE & Firefox.
  • Core

    • Allow use of select & buttons within header cells. Previously only inputs were allowed. Fixes issue #625.
    • Add parser-false setting to prevent extracting & parsing of content from set columns. Fixes issue #629.
  • Filter widget

    • Add a not-exact-match (!=) filter type (e.g. !"Bruce" or !Bruce= will show all rows that don't exactly match Bruce). See issue #628.
  • Math widget

    • Values are now obtained from data-attributes first, then the actual cell content. This will allow making calculations with higher precision values. Fixes issue #624.
  • Pager (addon & widget)

    • The ajaxProcessing function now includes the jqxhr parameter. Thanks JuarezTurrini! See pull #626
    • Update the custom controls example to properly work with the pager widget. Fixes issue #631.
    • Fix widgets sometimes not being applied after page change.
  • Parser

    • input-select parser no longer binds to non-tablesorter tables. Fixes issue #633.

Version 2.17.0 (5/22/2014)

  • Overall

    • You can now target a column using a jQuery selector targeting the header cell (e.g. a class name, id or column index, as before).
    • This works with the core options: headers, textExtraction.
    • This also works with the widgets: filter_formatter, filter_functions, filter_selectSource and the headers options for filter & resizable.
    • This change has not yet been implemented to the following options: textSorter, sortList, sortForce, sortAppend and numberSorter (will modify this option to target columns soon).
    • What won't work is if you try to target the header using a filtering selector that uses an index, e.g. "th:eq()", ":gt()", ":lt()", ":first", ":last", ":even" or ":odd", ":first-child", ":last-child", ":nth-child()", ":nth-last-child()", etc.
  • Docs

    • Switch from using CDN versions of jQuery, jQuery UI, Bootstrap, Sugar and Select2 instead of using protocol-relative URLs because they are a pain to use locally.
    • Change style of "Update" tags to be slightly lighter than "New" tags.
    • Updated reflow widget demo with demo tables in a resizable iframe, so the browser window no longer needs to be resized.
    • Miscellaneous updates including correcting some version numbers, fixing links & other issues with the demos.
  • Themes

    • Fix green theme to properly include a background with the css3 sticky headers widget.
  • Core

    • Instead of using empty or clearing rows from the table, the rows are now detached. This also applies to the pager.
    • Added resetToLoadState method
      • Using this method will clear out any settings that have changed since the table was initialized (refreshes the entire table); so any sorting or modified widget options will be cleared.
      • However, it will not clear any values that were saved to storage. This method is basically like reloading the page.
    • Refer to columns in the headers and/or textExtraction option by class name, ID, or column index (as before).

      headers : {
          '.first-name' : { sorter: 'text' },
          '.disabled'   : { sorter: false }
      textExtraction : {
          '.styled' : function(node, table, cellIndex) {
              return $(node).find('strong').text();
    • Added new "sorton" method values: "a" (ascending), "d" (descending), "n" (next), "s" (same) & "o" (opposite).

      // column 0: desc sort, column 1: asc sort
      $("#table1").trigger("sorton", [ [[0,"d"],[1,"a"]] ]);
      // column 0: next sort, column 1: opposite of column 0, column 2: same as column 0
      $("#table2").trigger("sorton", [ [[0,"n"],[1,"o"],[2,"s"]] ]);

      Please refer to the Sort table using a link outside the table demo for more details.

  • ColumnSelector widget

    • Added a method to refresh the selected columns using $('table').trigger('refreshColumnSelector');.
    • Fix a js error when removing the widget.
  • Filter widget

    • Fix child row filtering.
    • Fix filter-match searches.
    • Set filter parser or disable a filter in the headers option by referring to the header class name, ID, or column index (as before)

      headers : {
          '.first-name' : { filter : false },
          '.last-name'  : { filter : 'parsed' }
    • Refer to filter_functions, filter_formatter and filter_selectSource columns by class name, ID, or column index (as before)

      filter_functions : {
          ".col-date" : {
              "< 2004" : function (e, n, f, i) {
                  return n < Date.UTC(2004, 0, 1); // < Jan 1 2004
      filter_formatter : {
          ".col-value" : function($cell, indx){
            return $.tablesorter.filterFormatter.uiSpinner( $cell, indx, {
      filter_selectSource : {
          ".model-number" : [ "abc", "def", "ghi", "xyz" ]
  • Math widget

    • Now works properly with the pager. Fixes issue #621.
  • Output widget

    • Add output_ignoreColumns option. Set the zero-based index of the columns to ignore in this array. Fixes issue #607
    • Add config parameter to output_callback function. NOTE: this parameter is added before the data parameter, so it may break any already existing custom callback functions.
    • Add output_duplicateSpans option. Setting this option to false adds blank entries instead of duplicating the colspan or rowspan content. Fixes issue #619.
  • Pager (addon & widget)

    • Use detach instead of empty on tbody rows. This should save any data associated with the rows.
    • Fix pager updating not showing correct totals.
  • Print widget

    • Add print_callback option allowing manipulation of the table & stylesheet before printing.
    • Corrected the print_columns settings comments.
  • Resizable widget

    • Disable a resizable header within the headers option by referring to the column class name, ID, or column index (as before)

      headers : {
          '.first-name' : { resizable: false }
    • Added note about using box-sizing & jQuery versions older than 1.8.

  • Scroller widget

    • Filter widget works with this widget again. Fixes issue #620.
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