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  • Display a random image with caption from a group of images that have a predefined date or date range that matches the current date.
  • A default group of images can be set as a fallback when no images within a date range are found.
  • Data containing the date/date range, image url and image comments can be stored within the HTML, in a javascript array, or from JSON data (inline or remote).
  • Supports the following date formats:
    • US and EU formats with month or day first (using the monthFirst option).
    • Specific dates ("12/1/2011"; the event will not repeat).
    • Yearly repeated dates ("2/14"; for Valentines Day).
    • Date ranges ("12/31-1/5"; for new years related images).
    • Variable date holidays ("11/4thThur-11/4thFri"; for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday on the fourth Thursday in November). "last" is also supported (e.g. "5/lastMon" will target the last Moday in May).
  • Language support (sort of) in that the week names and variable date endings can be made to match other languages (not really tested).
  • Methods to get, set or choose another random image from the matching date range are available.
  • Debug mode available to verify all image urls and date ranges.