A JSON5 parser and emitter for Perl 6 (fork of JSON::Tiny)
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A simple Perl 6 module for serializing and deserializing JSON5. (see: json5.org)

This is a fork of JSON::Tiny modified to support the JSON5 format.

All files (unless noted otherwise) can be used, modified and redistributed
under the terms of the Artistic License Version 2. Examples (in the
documentation, in tests or distributed as separate files) can be considered
public domain.

Missing features:

 * Correct handling and tests for surrogate pairs
 * Detection of cycles in input data structures (might never be fixed)

Credits for JSON::Tiny
    Moritz Lenz <moritz@faui2k3.org>
    Johan Viklund
    Jonathan Worthington

Alexander Moquin (Mouq) added the JSON5 features.