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Installing and configuring the SilverStripe Slideshow Module


  1. Install DataObjectManager < > and Uploadify < >

  2. Put the slideshow folder inside your project

  3. To enable the slideshow on all pages, add the following to your mysite/_config.php file:

DataObject::add_extension('Page', 'Slideshow');

To enable the slideshow on specific pages, for example your home page, add the following to your mysite/_config.php file:

DataObject::add_extension('HomePage', 'Slideshow');

  1. Build the database (e.g. http://localhost/mysite/dev/build)

  2. Add <% include Slideshow %> to your template

Configuration options

To override the default effects with your own, customize this and add it to your mysite/_config.php file:

Slideshow::set_custom_effects( array( 'None' => 'data-cycle-fx="none"', 'Fade' => 'data-cycle-fx="fade"', 'Fade in / out' => 'data-cycle-fx="fade" data-cycle-sync="false"', 'Scroll horizontal' => 'data-cycle-fx="scrollHorz" data-cycle-easing="easeOutQuart"', 'Scroll horizontal with bounce' => 'data-cycle-fx="scrollHorz" data-cycle-easing="easeOutBounce"', 'Scroll horizontal with elastic' => 'data-cycle-fx="scrollHorz" data-cycle-easing="easeOutElastic"' ) );

The syntax of the array fed to set_custom_effects() is as follows: array( [title of effect] => [JQuery Cycle effect setting] );