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A powerful browser extension to create, edit and delete cookies
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Cookie-Editor is a browser extension/add-on that lets you efficiently create, edit and delete cookies for the current tab. Perfect for developing, quickly testing or even manually managing your cookies for your privacy.


Cookie-Editor is designed to have a simple to use interface that let you do most standard cookie operations quickly. It is ideal for developing and testing web pages.

You can easily create, edit and delete a cookie for the current page that you are visiting. There is also a handy button to mass delete all the cookies for the current page.

Cookie-Editor is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. It should be possible to install it on any webkit browser, but keep in mind that only the previous four browsers are officially supported.

The Add-on is available also available on Firefox for Android for easy and convenient cookie manipulation on a mobile device.

Install on Google Chrome

Find this extension on the Chrome Web Store.

Install on Firefox

Find this extension on the Firefox Add-ons site.

Install on Opera

Find this extension on the Opera Extensions site.

Install on Microsoft Edge

Find this extension on the Microsoft Store.

Feature Suggestions or Bug Reports

To submit a feature suggestion or file a bug report, please create a new issue here.

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