Pythonic way to read and edit ifd tag files.
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Why this package ?

Tyf package provides pythonic way to work with embeded data in TIFF and JPEG images.

Read / write EXIF and IFD data

  • read / edit EXIF data from JPEG images
  • read / edit XMP metadata from JPEG images
  • read / edit IFD data from TIFF images
  • read / edit GEOTIFF data from IFD
  • work directly with python numbers, string and datetime

Do more with JPEG and TIFF files

  • split exif data from JPEG into different files
  • extract TIFF or JPEG thumbnails from JPEG files
  • strip EXIF data from JPEG File
  • dump location thumbnail using google API
  • create multi-frame TIFF file with simple __add__ operation
  • interpolate coordinates using GEOTIFF ModelTransformation


Bug report & feedback

Use project issues.

Add / modify / fix code

Guidance words: keep it simple and solid!

  1. open a issue to propose your contribution
  2. once issue is granted
  • fork this repository
  • edit your contribution
  • start a pull request


  • API documentation