Ark v2 true block weight utilities
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zen package, entirely writen in python, provides True Block Weight utilities for DPOS pool.

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Supported blockchain

  • Ark-core v2

Install last release


zen command

cd ~
./zen --help
    zen (reset | initialize | rebuild | start-tbw | stop-tbw | snap-blockchain | remove-custom-peer)
    zen configure <username> [-s <share> -w <wallet> -t <threshold> -e <excludes> -b <block-delay> -f <fee-level>]
    zen add-delegate <username> -h <webhook-peer>
    zen configure [ --fee-coverage --target-delegate --chunk-size <chubk-size> -c <currency>]
    zen adjust-forge <username> <value>
    zen launch-payroll <username>
    zen retry-payroll <username> -n <name-list>
    zen resume-payroll <username>
    zen remove-delegate [<username>]
    zen append-custom-peer <peer-list>

    -b --block-delay=<block-delay>   : block amount to wait beetween payroll
    -c --currency=<currency>         : configure token display on front-end pages
    -e --excludes=<excludes>         : coma-separated or file address list to exclude from payroll
    -w --wallet=<wallet>             : delegate funds wallet
    -f --fee-level=<fee-level>       : set the fee level for the delegate
    -h --webhook-peer=<webhook-peer> : define the webhook peer to use
    -s --share=<share>               : delegate share rate (0.0<=share<=1.0)
    -t --threshold=<threshold>       : minimum amount for a payment
    -n --name-list=<name-list>       : *.tbw coma-separated name list
    --chunk-size=<chunk-size>        : max transaction per request [default:15]
    --target-delegate                : send transactions to delegate when forging (flag)
    --fee-coverage                   : delegate covers transaction fees (flag)

    reset              : initialization starting from ark-core installation
    initialize         : initialization starting from delegates configuration
    rebuild            : rebuild database from snapshots
    configure          : configure options for a given <username>
    start-tbw          : start the true block weight process
    stop-tbw           : stop the true block weight process
    launch-payroll     : create a payroll for <username> (true block weight status reseted)
    retry-payroll      : retry a specified payroll for <username> (true block weight status unchanged)
    resume-payroll     : resume existing <username> payroll (true block weight status unchanged)
    add-delegate       : add remote <username> (ie ark-core-forger running on remote node)
    remove-delegate    : remove delegate from list or specified by <username>
    snap-blockchain    : update snapshot or create it if no snapshot initialized yet
    append-custom-peer : append custom peer from coma-separated-peer or newline-separated-peer file
    remove-custom-peer : remove one or more custom peer from a selection list

Notification system

4 notification types are available. Notification service is activated if a json configuration file is present in .json folder.

freemobile (french only) Notification option must be enabled in your Free mobile account. Then, copy your parameters in freemobile.json file :

    "user": "12345678", 
    "pass": "..."

twilio Copy your parameters in twilio.json file :

    "sid": "...",
    "auth": "...", 
    "receiver": "+1234567890", 
    "sender": "+0987654321"

Pushover Copy your parameters in pushover.json file :

    "user": "...",
    "token": "..."

Pushbullet Copy your API token in pushbullet.json file :

    "token": "..."

crontab use case

Edit the crontab file

crontab -e

create a snapshot and update it every 12 hours

0 */12 *   *   *     /home/{username}/zen snap-blockchain

Automatic startup on server restart

This tweak does not works with BIP38 encrypted passphrase.

@reboot /usr/bin/pm2 start /home/{username}/core-commander/ecosystem.config.js --only ark-core-relay >> /home/{username}/core-commander/logs/commander.log 2>&1
@reboot sleep 30 && /usr/bin/pm2 start /home/{username}/core-commander/ecosystem.config.js --only ark-core-forger >> /home/{username}/core-commander/logs/commander.log 2>&1
@reboot cd /home/{username}/ark-zen && /usr/bin/pm2 start app.json

zen front-end

zen front-end


Andromeda (v1.2.0)

  • true block weight
  • secured payrolls
  • command line interface
  • light weight HTML front-end
  • multiple pool management


  • enable remote delegate management
  • blockchain database rebuild
  • snapshot management
  • custom peer management

Boötis minor tweaks (v1.3.1)

  • reward distribution improvement

Cassiopeia (v1.4.0)

  • automatic fee coverage
  • transaction history rebuild
  • delegate targetting

Cassiopeia minor tweaks (v1.4.1)

  • fee coverage is now optional
  • delegate targetting is now optional

Cassiopeia minor tweaks (v1.4.2)

  • ark-zen runs with both ark-core mainnet and devnet

Delphinus (v1.5.0)

  • ark-zen runs with ark-core 2.1.x
  • html front-end improvement

TODO (dev version)

  • notification system added (SMS or push)
  • fork sensor
  • auto-rollback