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yawTtk is a Python wrapper for Tile. It provides classes which allow the display, positioning and control of native look 'n feel widgets.

Why this wrapper ?

  • yawTtk works with python 2.5 to python 3.4
  • Translation between Tkinter and yawTtk requires no code modification. yawTtk silently ignores bad options and tries to configure widgets as Tkinter widgets.
  • yawTtk provides new options : target, utext and ulabel (the bitmap option is no longer available).
    • target is an easier way to link scrollbars with scrolable widgets.
    • utext and ulabel are text and label with underscore character to define the underline index within Tkinter.
  • yawTtk alows easier way to include images in widgets. You can specify a pathfile, a base-64 encoded string, a PIL Image instance or a tuple matching Tile specification for a multistate image option.
  • Menu creation for Menubutton is easier. A couple of functions are defined to add, modify or delete menu item without taking care of Tkinter.Menu background.
  • yawTtk implements element and layout creation to enhance user interfaces.

Simple way to configure widgets

In Tile, widget options and style are separated. yawTtk merges them to simplify and match as possible Tkinter way of coding. Remember that it is only available if extend option is True. configure funcion is called by __init__ and __setattr__ class method so there are 3 different ways to configure widgets.

# configure widget with __init__ function
button = Button(
  style = "custom.Toolbutton",
  anchor = "center",
  font = ("Tahoma", "8", "bold"),
# or with __setattr__ function
button["foreground"] = "steelblue3"
button["background"] = "lightgreen"
# or even with configure function
  command = exit,
  text = "Toolbutton",
  padding = (5, 1, 5, 1)
# pack and see...
button.pack(fill="x", padx=5, pady=5)