Travel at light speed to your next destination. Gather your ore before your opponents and win this fast paced space race.
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based on a game by Colby & Diamond
Number of Blinks Number of Players Duration of Gameplay Recommended Ages
6+ 2+ ~2 minutes 6 & Up


Frantically pilot your mining ship through the crowded asteroid field to mine ore faster than your rivals! First player to complete their mining mission is the winner!


All Blinks begin as Asteroids. Each player should grab one Blink and take it aside. Scatter all remaining Blinks across the play surface, making sure that all Blinks are at least six inches apart, to create the asteroid field.

Based on your player count, we suggest the following asteroid counts. That being said, you can adjust these numbers to fit your play style and Blinks collection:

# of Players # of Asteroids
2 4
3-4 5
5-6 6

Each player should now long-press their Blink until it turns into a Ship. It should look something like this.


Start a countdown from 5. When you reach 0, play begins.


There are no "turns" in Space Miner. Once play begins, all players are free to move and mine as they please.

To move, simply slide your Blink along the play surface. Move towards and attach to asteroids with the color of ore you're targeting to begin mining. You do not need to connect to a specific face to do this, you can attach to any available space. The mining process has a short wait time, and when it is completed you will see the ore disappear from the asteroid and appear on your ship. At this point, you can squeeze the connection point between your ship and the asteroid to disengage.


Asteroids will periodically update to display new ore. This is done on a semi-random timer, but will not occur if they are connected to another Blink.

Your goal is to complete 6 "missions" by mining the asteroid field for colored ore. The ore you're collecting is indicated by the dim color on your ship, and the number of ore needed to complete the mission is indicated by the number of dimmed lights. As you collect ore, your cargo bay will fill, and turn solid white when the mission is complete. After completing each mission, make sure you are separated from any asteroid, then double-click your ship to be given a new mission.



You first mission will ask you to collect 6 pieces of ore, the next will ask for 5, then 4, and so on. Your final mission only requires you to pick up a single piece of ore. The first player to complete this final mission is the winner!


To reset your ship, long-press to turn it into an Asteroid, then long-press again to return to Ship mode with a new set of missions.