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Blinks OS - Release Candidate

The following features have been added to the Blinks OS

  1. Force sleep
  2. Wake neighbors
  3. Share sketch

Force Sleep

Holding the button down on a Blink for 7+ seconds puts the Blink to sleep and also sends out a message to all contiguous Blinks to go to sleep as well. The Blink will remain in a warm sleep so it can be woken by neighboring messages (i.e. bring an awake Blink in contact with a warm sleep Blink and it will be woken immediately). After a longer period of time the Blink will enter a cold sleep, in which case it will need its button pressed to be woken.

Wake Neighbors

Playing your favorite game and frustrated by having to constantly wake Blinks? Now you can simply wake one of them to have them all wake up.

Share sketch

This is a big one. Hold down a single Blink alone (no neighbors) with the game you want to spread programmed onto it for 6 seconds. The Blink will glitter blue at which point you should release your hold. The Blink should be brought back in contact with a group of Blinks that you want to learn this game. The game will then propagate to all contiguous Blinks.

How to use this feature: Upload a program to a single Blink and now it has the ability to share that program with all other Blinks. IMPORTANT: this capability requires that all Blinks be running the latest firmware and have the bootloader required to transmit games this way. This simply means that you will need to press upload with any sketch or any number of different sketches (we recommend loading 6 of our games: Fracture, Mortals, Berry, Bomb Brigade, Puzzle 101, WHAM!) Once they are all running the latest bootloader, you no longer need to reprogram them, they can then learn any game that any other Blink knows.

The easiest way to understand this is the following:

Blink BIOS Game (ROM) Game (RAM)
memory < 6kb < 6kb
rewritable NO YES