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@jbobrow jbobrow released this May 10, 2019 · 10 commits to dev since this release

NOTE: All of your Blinks will need to be updated to this BlinkOS before game transmission works properly
This release candidate does not communicate with the previous release candidate as they speak different IR protocols. All this means is that you'll want to upload to each your Blinks once, and then only upload to one of them to continue sharing your games during development.

The following features have been added to BlinkOS

  1. Simultaneous Sleep
  2. Hello/Goodbye Animations
  3. Battery Monitor
  4. Games

Simultaneous Sleep

Since Blinks manage their own power and wake and sleep collectively when together, but only know to stay awake for 10 minutes since the last button press, this has lead to games that end up with a single Blink timing out and going to sleep or many going to sleep but not all. This is very confusing during gameplay, and shouldn't happen, so here we introduce a feature that keeps all connected tiles awake for 10 minutes from the last button press of any/all connected Blinks (i.e. in a cluster). This could also be more accurately referred to as viral awakedness since each Blink is letting its fellow Blinks know that they shouldn't go to sleep earlier than 10 min since the last button press on any other Blink. The goal here is to have Blinks awake together and Blinks go to sleep together and not have gameplay interrupted by sleep (for the Blinks that is :).

Hello/Goodbye Animations

To feel like a collective, BlinkOS now has a built in wake and sleep animation that propagates a wave for both sleep and wake. Wake should be a stretching white glow and sleep is a yawning deep blue. It feels pretty good. Could use a little adjustments to be more symmetrical, but accomplishes the collective feel of signaling wake and sleep. This way you know when a Blink just went to sleep, and you will also know when you wake one, even if the display is set to OFF.

Battery Monitor

If your CR2032 voltage drops below 2.4v the Blink will signal with 2 red flashes that it needs a new battery. It won't allow you to continue playing with that tile and so you can either replace the battery or play with one Blink down. We made the decision that it is more important for you to be playing with reliable Blinks with reliable brightness and communications which do not perform as reliably once the battery has dropped below 2.4v. Note: This is around 95% of the total battery life, as the end of the battery's life drop voltage quickly.


I can't believe you read all the way to this point! I guess this is the most exciting part. Instead of having to checkout all of our GitHub repos for each of the individual games, we are including them here in the Examples folder 03. Getting Playful. 10 of the 12 games are in this release and you should be able to test them out and bring up any bugs you may find. Additionally, pointing out needed instructions beyond our written ones on the readme files are welcome feedback.

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