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Bomb Brigade
Bomb Brigade Info.pdf

Bomb Brigade

by Jeff Kowalski, Holly Gore, Collin Gallo


Number of Blinks Number of Players Duration of Gameplay Recommended Ages
6+ 1+ (more recommeded) 5 - 15 minutes 6 & Up


Bomb Brigade is a high-stakes reflex-based game where two to five players take on the roles of a bomb squad in a tense electronic game reminiscent of Hot Potato or Russian Roulette.


Hold a single Blink down for a long press to reset. Arrange 5 Blinks around a single Blink. Double click the center Blink to make it into a bomb.


Take turns sparking the bomb by pressing it once. There is a chance that the bomb will go off every time you spark the bomb. You only want to spark the bomb when it is facing the shields. If the bomb doesn't go off, the bomb keeps spinning and the next person sparks. If the bomb goes off, the shield takes damage or the player blows up. Keep playing until all shields are blown away, or until there is one player standing.

Solitaire Version

Interested in playing Bomb Brigade solo? Simply play it like golf, see if you can get rid of the entire shield without blowing up even once. It is no walk in the park.

Illustrated Instructions

Available here