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Boss Fight

by Justin Ha et al.


Number of Blinks Number of Players Duration of Gameplay Recommended Ages
6 3 - 4 10 - 15 minutes 12 & Up


Multiplayer coopetition game where all players work together to defeat 1 Boss, but only the player to land the killing blow wins!


To play Boss Fight(WIP) you need 3 types of pieces.

  1. Avatar - this is you for all intents and purposes and you will gain health, build up your attack, and hopefully defeat the man. (yup, I just decided this game is about overthrowing the man)
  2. Rune - think of this as a magical token. It is available each turn to give health or stockpile weapons. (do you want attack or HP?)
  3. Boss - this wouldn't be very exciting without the man to defeat. The boss shows its health at all times and takes damage from players hits. The boss can potentially heal itself every round, so you'll have to be swift in the killing.



Players can perform 1 action on their turn.

  • Engage Move your Blink near the Boss. This allows you to attack, but also lets the boss attack you.
  • Attack the Boss for how much attack you've stockpiled. Default 1. You can only attack if you are Engaged in combat with the boss.
  • Stockpile to gain 1 more attack power. Attacking resets your stockpile back to 1.
  • Heal yourself for 1 health.
  • Disengage Move your Blink away from the Boss.

Once a turn has ended, tap the boss to initiate its action.

You can have up to 6 enhancements your own piece. It can be 3 Health/3 Attack, 5 Health/1 Attack, or any combination you wish.

Boss Actions

The boss can perform one of the following...

  • Attack all players engaged to in combat with the Boss for 1 damage.
  • Buff itself to gain more attack power.
  • Heal itself for 1 health.


The Boss will either give itself 1 health or deal damage to every player based on how much they've stockpiled. If it's been buffed by a player, the Boss's attack will deal 1 more damage in addition to whatever damage it would deal normally. It will then lose its buff.


When a player loses all their health, they are forcefully disengaged from the boss. Their health and attack values also go to 1.