One flopper, many flickers. Attach your tiles to the flopper at the right time to score for your team. A miss is an opportunity for your opponent to make the steal.
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by Jonathan Bobrow


Number of Blinks Number of Players Duration of Gameplay Recommended Ages
12 2-4 1 - 5 minutes 6 & Up


Get the most Blinks on your team in this contagious form of table Curling!


Make a single Blink the Flopper. This Blink will flip and flop between team colors. The moment a Flicker attaches, it takes on the team of the Flopper. The Flopper remains the flopper for the entire game, players split up their Flickers evenly (i.e. 12 Blinks, 2 Player game, 5 Flickers per player. 3 Player game, 3 Flickers per player.)


Take turns flicking1 your Blinks towards the Flopper. Time your flicking to land the Blink while the Flopper is showing your team color. Knock stray Flickers into the Flopper and get them all to wear your team colors.

1Or sliding... but come on, the game isn't called slideFlop