A collection of tools to aid in gameplay, and even invent your own games
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by Daniel King, Move38


Number of Blinks Number of Players Duration of Gameplay Recommended Ages
1+ 1+ N/A 6 & Up


The Blink becomes your favorite new game accessory! This collection of tools is built to aid in gameplay, whether for blinks games or not. Need to roll dice, but don't have the space? Use the dice widget. Want to break a 3-way tie? Use the Rock-Paper-Scissors widget. You could even use these widgets to invent your own game!


The widgets start in a monochrome selection menu. Single press to cycle through the widgets, then long press to activate the widget. To return to the selection menu, simply long press again.


1. Coin Flip

Menu appearance: GIF HERE

When you enter the coin flip widget, it will display two colors - heads and tails. There is always one hot color (red, orange, yellow) and one cool color (green, blue, purple). Single press the blink to flip the coin. If you want a new set of colors, you can long press to return to the menu, then long press again to return to the widget.

When you set the coin flip in motion, it will trigger other adjacent random-chance widgets, like dice or spinners. With this functionality you can create a field of widgets that all go off in unison.

2. Dice Roll

Menu appearance: GIF HERE

The dice widget randomly "rolls" a value from 1 - 6. In addition to displaying the corresponding number of pips, each value displays as a different color.

As with all the random-chance widgets, when you roll the dice widget it will trigger any adjacent dice, coins, or spinners.

3. Spinner

Menu appearance: GIF HERE

The spinner widget randomly chooses a direction, and by extension a color, when single pressed. A bright white pixel will spin around the blink and land on a random color.

As with all the random-chance widgets, when you set the spinner in motion it will trigger any adjacent spinners, coins, or dice.

4. Timer (1-5min.)

Menu appearance: GIF HERE

The timer boots in setup mode, where you can single press to change the time to 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 minutes. This is indicated by color (red >> blue) and also by the number of brightly colored pixels. To start the timer, double-click the blink. In timing mode, the "hand" of the timer ticks clockwise every second, and the background color and brightness of the blink changes as it counts down.

When time is up, the blink will flash red. To go back to setup mode, single press the blink.

5. Rock-Paper-Scissors

Menu appearance: GIF HERE

The Rock-Paper-Scissors widget (RPS for short) allows you to single press the blink to cycle through your choices. The blue arc represents Rock (or Water), the yellow rectangle represents Paper (or Wood), and the red triangle represents Scissors (or Fire). As expected, Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, and Paper beats Rock. If the symbols aren't memorable enough, you can remember that Water beats Fire, Fire beats Wood, and Wood beats Water.

Either way, once you've made your selection, double press the blink to go into "hidden" mode. Place two blinks in hidden mode next to each other to see the winner. In fact, you can connect multiple RPS blinks in any orientation, and it will calculate the win/loss status of each of them individually. Try some complex shapes and combinations!