The new React interface for MoveOn Petitions
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MoveOn Petitions (MOP) Front-end

This is the interface for, a React app. Some parts of the site are already running this code, while others are using a legacy system. Our goal is to eventually drive the interface for the entire site with this app, and retire the legacy system.




  • Install NPM. Recommended versions: NPM v3.10.10, Node v6.9.3 LTS.
  • $ npm install

Compile JavaScript

  • $ npm run build (do npm run dev-build to get source maps, though this increases filesize significantly)

Lint JavaScript

  • $ npm run lint

Test JavaScript

  • $ npm test

Local development

The most simple local development is just npm run dev and then go to a page on http://localhost:8080/, e.g. http://localhost:8080/#/sign/outkast. For more complex options, see How to Develop with a Server Backend and Environment Variables Reference.