Extend Genome module to include human/animal genetics #2648

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Terasology/Genome#4 sounds like a great potential task for GSOC - moving it here for the label 🙂

[...] When in nature, the animals would not simply be copies of each other, but each would have unique characteristics. In addition, when breeding captured animals, the player can decide to breed genetically strong animals to yield more strong animals (for labor, food, etc.). The gameplay would change by introducing a genetic factor to the environment of Terasology. The player would experience a lot more diversity in nature, and can manipulate living entities to create ideal animals or plants for the player’s needs

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Hello @rzats I am really interesting in Terasology could you suggest some issues I could get start.
thanks! I am Java Dev. My idea is to prepare me for participate to GSoC

rzats commented Dec 13, 2016

@marti1125: the issues tagged as Bite-size or Mentor-size are great first issues to start with! Alternatively, GSoC project ideas can be found under the GSOC tag - you could find a project you like and start working on some of the related issues 🙂

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