@Cervator Cervator released this Nov 5, 2016 · 2302 commits to develop since this release

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In lieu of releasing Alpha 6 for tomorrow's multiplayer test I've decided to just mark the latest Omega zip from the develop branch as what we'll aim to use. There are some outstanding issues I'm reluctant to leave in for a stable release.

On top of that I still only just got back from a week's vacation and only made it through about a thousand emails so far, along with getting the "unread" marker off most the PRs and issues updated since last. Still need to catch up with forum, Slack, other social media, and so on ... :-)

To get a feeling for what is in this build vs. Alpha 5 check out the closed issues in the Alpha 6 milestone keeping in mind that'll really only be accurate for a day or two from this posting ...

As another new thing we should be able to try out @qwc's Docker-hosted server for the testing, that'll be the "Official Unstable" entry in the server list. Just connected to it with this build right now and it works fine, although I suspect the server might need a quick restart / server reset, feels sluggish and world age is somewhat old :-)