@Cervator Cervator released this Sep 3, 2017 · 1251 commits to develop since this release

Assets 3

Probably our biggest release ever, woo! Nearly half a year in the making. Yeah trying to release anything during a GSOC with no less than 10 students is probably doomed to failure, way too much activity. 644 commits! 161 issues closed! - and that's only in the engine, half the projects were elsewhere :-)

New modules include (might not even catch all and we might not have added some yet...): AdvancedBehaviors, AdventureAssets, Anatomy, CombatSystem, Inferno (from GCI tho), InGameHelpAPI, Lost, Projectile, Scenario, SegmentedPaths, Sensors, WildAnimalsGenome, WoodAndStoneCraftingJournal, WorldlyTooltipAPI

A bunch more stuff is now queued up for a v2.0.0 of the engine, including behavior tree overhaul, world sectors, new physics, block family refactoring, and more coming. So much activity and so many people! It has been a great summer :-)

Proper news post soon.

Edit: That is a loooooong changelist in Jenkins - and again that's only the engine! We need a way to start tracking everything across the module ecosystem that way too.

For some current highlights of known issues see #3093

Edit: As of September 4th the "Lost" save game has been added to the zip. If you run the game with -homedir it'll be in the right place to be picked up in-game, otherwise you may have to move it. See Nihal's Blog for instructions.