@Cervator Cervator released this Oct 25, 2018 · 111 commits to develop since this release

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First stable release since our major v2.0.0 release, which unsurprisingly wasn't the most stable thing ever. This release is totally guaranteed to be at least 10% more stable than Alpha 10!

470 commits of changes not counting modules. Includes the remainder of GSOC 2018 changes and the very beginning of GCI 2018

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  • Changelist in Jenkins
  • Distribution lineup changes
    • Miniion module retired fully at long last. Check out Master of Oreon for a working creature manager!
    • New: GooeyDefence, GooKeeper, Kallisti, KComputers, FlexiblePathfinding, Climbables, FlowingLiquids
    • Advanced server facade now bundled in the Omega zip (neato addon to the headless server)