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Welcome to the Terasology Wiki!

This is a wiki for those interested in contributing to the development of the project. It doesn't cover game content, although we'll eventually link to places that do.

Use the sidebar to arrive at the most central topics this wiki covers.

See What is Terasology for some more background information.


Interested in getting involved with working on the game? Check the Intro links in the sidebar :-)

There is a Quick Start for those already familiar with development.

We also apply for GSOC every year - Google Summer of Code. So if you're a student and it is that time of the year maybe check it out!


These pages offer more advanced insight into how specific features of the game are architected and why.


We have several ways to get the word out on updates, and likewise there are several ways to contact us.

  • Forum - new development / game topics will be posted here, and any questions answered.
  • GitHub - "Watch" the official project here to be able to easily spot commits and changes.
  • Discord - Alternative option to IRC, although all conversation is mirrored between the two
  • Twitter - we'll tweet regularly about significant commits or new discussion topics posted, so "Follow" us for updates.
  • Facebook - if you prefer to keep updated via Facebook you can "Like" us on there to keep up.
  • Google+ - help prove people actually use G+ ! ;-)
  • IRC - #terasology on Freenode
  • Jenkins RSS - If you really want to know when something has just been built ;-)
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