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Welcome to the Terasology Wiki!

This is the Terasology wiki, used for game documentation and other resources like how to get started as a contributor.

Game Info

What is Terasology ? Founded by Benjamin 'begla' Glatzel as an open source tech demo to research procedural terrain generation a team is now taking it to the next level - a full fledged game. We're aiming for a survival and discovery game with a strong influence from Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, and Dungeon Keeper. A key part of the game will be building up an estate of some sort and managing specialized minions to climb up the ladder of discovery, while surviving in a world that might just be full of things that want to kill you.

  • About Terasology - more details on exactly what our goals are
  • Download Terasology - basic instructions for how to download and set up the game. Also contains version history and other useful links
  • Dev Team - the who's who of Terasology and what holes we might especially need more people to help with

Player Guide

These pages explain how the game's unstable / develop version works, in detail. The stable / master version may differ as it isn't updated as frequently. See the GitHub README for a current summary of that release.


Interested in getting involved with working on the game? This section is for you!

  • Contributor Guide - notes for general contributions to Terasology including links to help you learn the related technologies
  • Modding Guide - details on how to create mods for the game (quick guide making some assumptions of development familiarity)
  • Project Overview - a summary of the different GitHub projects involved and what libraries we use
  • GSOC - we keep a set of proposals ready for Google Summer of Code participation if we get accepted


  • Codebase Structure - reviews how the codebase is put together
  • Dev Setup - a more detailed set up guide for developing Terasology on your local machine
  • Fancy Git - more advanced Git topics that you don't need to be able to run from source, but may need to submit source or maintain your source setup over time
  • Checkstyle - notes about our code conventions and how to automatically check them
  • Unit Testing - or the lack thereof, the most common developer sin!
  • JavaDoc - well-written code explains itself, but it doesn't help to have that in an exportable format!
  • Modding API - Information on the engine and how what features are available for modding
  • Console commands - instructions to create new console commands
  • Rendering - what you need to know to set up your own rendering code


  • Contributor Guide covers most art related contribution tasks.
  • Texture Origin - an index for textures we use and who contributed them. That way we can give credit where due and keep track of how many of our core textures are unique vs sourced from texture packs

Documentation, Issue Reporting, and Community

  • Markdown and Wiki - how to tweak away with Markdown and the GitHub wiki
  • Issue Tracking - how and what we're tracking using the GitHub issue system
  • Community Suggestions - a place for us to store suggestions made by the public in a place that's not good for potential long-term storage (tickets, forum, etc)


These pages offer more advanced insight into how specific features of the game are architected and why.


A list of modules maintained at Terasology can be found here:


We have several ways to get the word out on updates, and likewise there are several ways to contact us.

  • Forum - new development / game topics will be posted here, and any questions answered.
  • GitHub - "Watch" the official project here to be able to easily spot commits and changes.
  • Twitter - we'll tweet regularly about significant commits or new discussion topics posted, so "Follow" us for updates.
  • Facebook - if you prefer to keep updated via Facebook you can "Like" us on there to keep up.
  • Google+ - help prove people actually use G+ ! ;-)
  • Blog - Major news like milestones reached, new videos posted, etc will get posted to our blog.
  • IRC #terasology - We're setting this up for live chat but it may take a while to stabilize with people only rarely on (or AFK), See Using IRC for setup details.
  • Jenkins RSS - If you really want to know when something has just been built ;-)
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