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This page should give you an overview of how Terasology uses textures and how you can use them on your own.


As textures are programme Assets, they can be found in the asset folder of the main programme or some modules. The different textures are then ordered by their intended usage, e.g. blockTiles or model textures.

BlockTiles (subfolder)

A very basic use of textures are the blockTiles, the textures for single blocks. They can be found in src/main/resources/assets/blockTiles or in the blockTiles subfolder of module's asset folder.

At the moment the size of block textures is restricted to 16x16 pixels. They are stored as .png files and can contain transparency, e.g. for colored Glass.

Block textures need to have the same name as the corresponding JSON block definition to be auto loaded.

Textures (subfolder)

Any textures that are no block tiles are located in src/main/resources/assets/textures or the corresponding mod directories. You can find several types of image files in there:

  • color gradients for grass or foliage
  • GUI icons and backgrounds - elements assigned to the user interface, such as icons, inventory backgrounds, ...
  • Skybox textures
  • Effect textures such as breaking a block or the overlayed vignette
  • model textures such for the monkey heads

    Note: Models and its textures/materials should be sourced out to modules.


Because of the Override Functionality for mods it is possible to override core textures. For more information see Override Functionality.

Since the texture that is loaded first is used in the game, the override process is not deterministic at the moment and one cannot guarantee which texture will take effect.

Known issues

  • Using greyscale textures for grass or fooliage works well for placed blocks (color grading), but the icons still show up in grey color.
  • effects.png cannot be overriden because its early loaded by the shader. Therefore, custom texture packs need to use the default segmentation for grassSide to get the color grading right.

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