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Repository for packaging an embedded JRE for our apps
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Gradle tasks for downloading JREs, customizing them and publishing to the Terasology Artifactory. These customized JREs can be bundled along with the Terasology Launcher to distribute it as a self-contained package that can run the launcher and the game without requiring the user to manually install Java.


There are downloading and publishing tasks for each of the supported platforms. The platform names contain both the OS and its bitness:

  • Linux32
  • Linux64
  • Mac (64-bit only)
  • Windows32
  • Windows64

For each of them we have the download task downloadJreZZZ and publishing task publishJreZZZPublicationToMavenRepository, where ZZZ is the target platform. To download or publish all the supported JREs, you can use the downloadJreAll and publish tasks respectively.

Note that for publishing to our Artifactory, you need to be authorized. You can create a file in the project root and store your credentials in this format:

# Terasology Artifactory credentials
artifactoryUser = username
artifactoryPass = password

Note: Git is configured to ignore this file.


Downloading 64-bit Linux JRE

  1. Run gradlew downloadJreLinux64
  2. The downloaded can be found inside build/jre

Downloading all JREs

  1. Run gradlew downloadJreAll
  2. All the JREs will be found inside build/jre

Note: No download task will overwrite the existing zip files.

Publishing Mac JRE to Artifactory

  1. Run gradlew publishJreMacPublicationToMavenRepository
  2. The current version of JRE will be available here

Note: You need to set up as described previously.

Publishing 64-bit Windows JRE to Maven local repository

  1. Run gradlew publishJreWindows64PublicationToMavenLocal
  2. The current version of JRE will be available inside

The value of m2_path depends on your OS:

OS m2_path
Linux/Mac ~/.m2
Windows C:\Users\{username}\.m2

Additional notes


A JRE cannot be published to the Artifactory if the same version of that JRE already exists there. So the version needs to be incremented if this repo gets updated. This can be done by updating the global version variable inside build.gradle.

JRE vendor

We are using BellSoft Liberica JRE (version 8u212) as the source of the original JRE packages. To use a different vendor, change the respective links in jreUrlBase and jreUrlFilenames inside build.gradle. Remember to update the global group variable as it contains the vendor name at the end.

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