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Java Sample Code for Moxtra APIs

This repository contains Java code samples to help you get started in integrating Moxtra APIs into your application.

Please feel free to clone the repository and use the example code.

For the detailed documentation on Moxtra APIs please visit Moxtra Developer Portal

How to run

This sample is a web application "apiutil.war" that is on /target/apiutil.war, which can be deployed on any Java Web Server. For example on Tomcat, you can visit the first page on http://localhost:8080/apiutil/index.html to see the samples as follows:

  • Create access_token via unique_id
  • Upload User Picture
  • Create Binder
  • Upload Binder Cover
  • Upload Page into Binder
  • Upload File into Meet
  • Invoke Get API
  • Invoke Post API
  • Invoke Delete API


Using web pages to drive server operations. Each web page performs one function. The upload file operations are to get files from server, not client. In other words, server codes are client to Moxtra REST API Service.

  • The Servlet is handled by /src/main/java/com/moxtra/webapp/api/
  • The server operations are handled by /src/main/java/com/moxtra/util/

Build by Maven

This project can be built by Maven via "mvn clean install".