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This is a sample of a Hubot using Moxtra's Adapter.

Moxtra-sample-hubot is a chat bot built with Hubot framework. It also uses Moxtra's adapter to connect your Hubot to your Moxtra's account.

Running your moxtra-sample-hubot

Please take a look at the documentation provided on hubot-moxtra github repository. Once you understand how Hubot and the Moxtra's Adapter works you will master this example.

% bin/hubot -a moxtra

What I will find

This is a complete Moxtra Hubot code, here you will find all the necessary code to run your Moxtra Hubot Bot.

In this code you will find examples on how to handle Moxtra's Events:

- "bot_installed"
- "bot_uninstalled"
- Sending text, rich messages and buttons
- Handling Buttons Postback
- Sending Files
- Linking 3rd party accounts using OAuth2

All the Moxtra example code are located in the file Scripts/

How to use the examples

After you have your bot running in a public server, using HTTPS protocol, connected to Moxtra and installed in a Moxtra Binder then you can run the following commands in your Binder:

@Moxie Hi
link my account
GOOG quote
AAPL summary
DIS chart