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# Sometimes it's a README fix, or something like that - which isn't relevant for
# including in a project's CHANGELOG for example
not_declared_trivial = !(github.pr_title.include? "#trivial")
has_app_changes = !git.modified_files.grep(/Sources/).empty?
# Make it more obvious that a PR is a work in progress and shouldn't be merged yet
warn("PR is classed as Work in Progress") if github.pr_title.include? "WIP"
# Warn, asking to update Chinese docs if only English docs are updated and vice-versa
en_docs_modified = git.modified_files.grep(%r{docs/}).empty? # Necessary to exclude `docs_CN` from the grep.
cn_docs_modified = git.modified_files.grep(%r{docs_CN}).empty?
if en_docs_modified ^ cn_docs_modified
warn("Consider **also** updating the #{ en_docs_modified ? "English" : "Chinese" } docs. For Chinese translations, request the modified file(s) to be added to the list [here]( for someone else to translate, if you can't do so yourself.")
# Warn, asking to update Chinese README if only English README are updated and vice-versa
en_readme_modified = !git.modified_files.grep(%r{}).empty?
cn_readme_modified = !git.modified_files.grep(%r{}).empty?
if en_readme_modified ^ cn_readme_modified
warn("Consider **also** updating the #{ en_readme_modified ? "Chinese" : "English" } README. For Chinese translations, request the modified file(s) to be added to the list [here]( for someone else to translate, if you can't do so yourself.")
# Warn when there is a big PR
warn("Big PR, try to keep changes smaller if you can") if git.lines_of_code > 500
# Don't let testing shortcuts get into master by accident
fail("fit left in tests") if `grep -r "fit Demo/Tests/ `.length > 1
# Changelog entries are required for changes to library files.
no_changelog_entry = !git.modified_files.include?("")
if has_app_changes && no_changelog_entry && not_declared_trivial
warn("Any changes to library code should be reflected in the Changelog. Please consider adding a note there and adhere to the [Changelog Guidelines](")
# Added (or removed) library files need to be added (or removed) from the
# Carthage Xcode project to avoid breaking things for our Carthage users.
added_swift_library_files = !(git.added_files.grep(/Sources.*\.swift/).empty?)
deleted_swift_library_files = !(git.deleted_files.grep(/Sources.*\.swift/).empty?)
modified_carthage_xcode_project = !(git.modified_files.grep(/Moya\.xcodeproj/).empty?)
if (added_swift_library_files || deleted_swift_library_files) && !modified_carthage_xcode_project
fail("Added or removed library files require the Carthage Xcode project to be updated. See the Readme")
missing_doc_changes = git.modified_files.grep(/docs/).empty?
doc_changes_recommended = git.insertions > 15
if has_app_changes && missing_doc_changes && doc_changes_recommended && not_declared_trivial
warn("Consider adding supporting documentation to this change. Documentation can be found in the `docs` directory.")
# Run danger-prose to lint Chinese docs
added_and_modified_cn_docs = (git.added_files.grep(%r{docs_CN/*.md}) + git.modified_files.grep(%r{docs_CN/*.md}))
if added_and_modified_cn_docs.empty?
prose.lint_files added_and_modified_cn_docs
# Run danger-prose to lint and check spelling English docs
added_and_modified_en_docs = (git.added_files.grep(%r{docs/*.md}) + git.modified_files.grep(%r{docs/*.md}))
if added_and_modified_en_docs.empty?
prose.lint_files added_and_modified_en_docs
prose.language = "en-us"
prose.ignored_words = ["Auth", "auth", "Moya", "enum", "enums", "OAuth", "Artsy's", "Heimdallr.swift", "SwiftyJSONMapper", "ObjectMapper", "Argo", "ModelMapper", "ReactiveSwift", "RxSwift", "multipart", "JSONEncoder", "Alamofire", "CocoaPods", "URLSession", "plugin", "plugins", "stubClosure", "requestClosure", "endpointClosure", "Unsplash", "ReactorKit", "Dribbble", "EVReflection", "Unbox"]
prose.ignore_acronyms = true
prose.ignore_numbers = true
prose.check_spelling added_and_modified_en_docs
# Wrapper for package manifest file name and update status
PackageManifest =, :updated)
# Well formatted, comma separated list of package manifest(s)
def format_manifests(manifests)
return "" if manifests.empty?
formatted = { |e| "`#{e.fileName}`" }
return formatted.first if formatted.size == 1
output = formatted.join(', ')
output[output.rindex(',')] = ' and'
return output
# Warning message for not updated package manifest(s)
def manifests_warning_message(updated:, not_updated:)
return "Unable to construct warning message." if updated.empty? || not_updated.empty?
updated_manifests_names = format_manifests(updated)
not_updated_manifests_names = format_manifests(not_updated)
updated_article = updated.size == 1 ? "The " : ""
updated_verb = updated.size == 1 ? "was" : "were"
not_updated_article = not_updated.size == 1 ? "the " : ""
output = "#{updated_article}#{updated_manifests_names} #{updated_verb} updated, " \
"but there were no changes in #{not_updated_article}#{not_updated_manifests_names}.\n"\
"Did you forget to update #{not_updated_manifests_names}?"
return output
# Warn when any of the package manifest(s) updated but not others
podspec_updated ="Moya.podspec", !git.modified_files.grep(/Moya.podspec/).empty?)
cartfile_updated ="Cartfile", !git.modified_files.grep(/Cartfile$/).empty?)
cartfile_resolved_updated ="Cartfile.resolved", !git.modified_files.grep(/Cartfile.resolved/).empty?)
package_updated ="Package.swift", !git.modified_files.grep(/Package.swift/).empty?)
package_resolved_updated ="Package.resolved", !git.modified_files.grep(/Package.resolved/).empty?)
manifests = [
updated_manifests = { |e| e.updated }
not_updated_manifests = { |e| !e.updated }
if !updated_manifests.empty? && !not_updated_manifests.empty?
warn(manifests_warning_message(updated: updated_manifests, not_updated: not_updated_manifests))
# Warn when library files has been updated but not tests.
tests_updated = !git.modified_files.grep(/Tests/).empty?
if has_app_changes && !tests_updated
warn("The library files were changed, but the tests remained unmodified. Consider updating or adding to the tests to match the library changes.")
# Run SwiftLint
# Xcode summary
def config_xcode_summary()
xcode_summary.ignored_results { |result|
result.message.start_with?("ld") # Ignore ld_warnings
def summary(platform:) "xcodebuild-#{platform}.json"
def label_tests_summary(label:, platform:)
file_name = "xcodebuild-#{platform}.json"
json =
data = JSON.parse(json)
data["tests_summary_messages"].each { |message|
if !message.empty?
message.insert(1, " " + label + ":")
},"w") do |f|
f.puts JSON.pretty_generate(data)
label_tests_summary(label: "iOS", platform: "ios")
label_tests_summary(label: "tvOS", platform: "tvos")
label_tests_summary(label: "macOS", platform: "macos")
summary(platform: "ios")
summary(platform: "tvos")
summary(platform: "macos")