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Remove Mandatory Login of Geforce Experience - [support: v3.14.x <-> v3.19.x]
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Moyster [beta] apps.js : no-login Gefore experience v3.20
only works the first time you open GFE, fix requires investigation ig
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Remove Mandatory Login of Geforce Experience - [support: v3.14.x to v3.19.x(current)]

How to Remove Mandatory Login

make a backup of every files you edit !

Easy copy/paste fix :

Download pre-moded app.js :

Copy/paste to :

C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GeForce Experience\www\

Auto-install easy fix :

Right-click Install-Fix.ps1 and choose Run as Administrator

You may need to allow the script to run on your system. To do this:

  1. Run powershell as administrator, then run this powershell call :
Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  1. Type "A" then hit enter and re-run Install-Fix.ps1

Manual way :

NOTE: some of the code below might change (function letters), just compare with one of the previously uploaded app.js ;)

use on app.js found in :

C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GeForce Experience\www\

  1. Nullify login (in app.js)

- find :

if ( > -1) return !0

- replace by :

if ( > -1) return w.handleLoggedIn(e), !0

Now let's add some fake infos, find :

                return !("choose" === w.nvActiveAuthView && C)
            }, b()

After "b()" add a new line and copy/paste this :

                sessionToken: "dummySessionToken",
                userToken: "dummyUserToken",
                user: {
                    core: {
                        displayName: "Anonymous",
                        primaryEmailVerified: true

  1. Force-enable ShadowPlay and Share buttons :

- find and replace

K.isShareSupported = !1, K.isShareButtonClicked = !1


K.isShareSupported = !0, K.isShareButtonClicked = !0

To make the shadowplay & share buttons show on the main GFE screen

How to Block Data Collection / Telemetry (block all or keep Games Optimisations)

Step 1 - Open the hosts file in a text editor (notepad++) :


(copy-paste the file on your desktop to edit, copy back to "etc" folder if you have permission errors)

Step 2 - Add at the end of the file (CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER LIST, NOT BOTH) :


  • LITE BLOCKLIST (keep Game Optimizations / Drivers Update working) :

("" is preferred to "" but both works)
( If you previously blocked all nvidia domains, you need to flush your dns cache to restore "Game Optimizations" functionality :
open "CMD" > ipconfig /flushdns )

Save and forget :)

PS: The "beautified" version of app.js will work just fine, you can minify it back, but it's not mandatory (just like login :) ).

Post and fix based off the previous mod author(s), mainly :

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