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MozIlluminate Build Status

This repo is an example of MozIlluminate, our next-generation test case management system for Firefox OS QA

#What is MozIlluminate? MozIlluminate allows you to write test cases in Google spreadsheet, and automatically check-in to GitHub, then automatically sync to MozTrap. So you get the best of both worlds, namely:

  • Easy to read/edit/search with Google spreadsheet
  • Version control with GitHub
  • Test execution and reporting from MozTrap


  • Use Linux or Mac OSX
  • Install python and pip
  • sudo pip install oauth2client gspread openpyxl
    • If the installation failed on OSX due to the six package deprecation, run the command with flag --ignore-installed six


  1. Write your test cases in Google Spreadsheet (example)
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Ask the admin to give you commit permission to this repository
  4. Ask the admin to give you a credential JSON file, put it in the root directory of this repository
  5. Add the link of the spreadsheet to testcases_locations.txt
  6. Share the spreadsheet with this robot user:
  7. Edit the spreadsheet as you like
  8. When you are done editing, run the script, you'll be prompted to type a commit message, your github username and password
  9. Once the script finished without error, Go to to see the test cases being synced to MozTrap-dev
  10. Go to to see your new test cases.

How it works

  • When you run, the script downloads the google spreadsheet and transform it into a local json file
  • Then the script does git add, git commit and git push
  • Travis CI server detects the push, and run the .travis.yml file
  • The .travis.yml file triggers the tests/MozIlluminate/
  • tests/MozIlluminate/ checks for the diff between HEAD and HEAD~1 and push the difference to MozTrap throught its REST API


Known Issues

  • Tags don't work write now, blocked by
  • Product Version is hard-coded to v2.5.
  • Only supports one suite per test case (the spreadsheet name).
  • Environments are not handled
  • All test case steps goes into the first step on MozTrap, need to define a test step format.


This is a sandbox repo for writing test cases in markdown+cucumber and sync to MozTrap



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