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This is the MozFest 2018 Program repository, where all sessions are openly curated. When a session is submitted through the Call for Proposals form, an issue is automatically generated in this repo. When the Call for Proposals closes on August 1, 2018, the MozFest space wranglers will curate all the sessions in this repo.

Where to start

All the proposed MozFest sessions are in the "Issues" section of this Github repository.

Anyone can view these issues. If you would like to contribute to the discussion -- and we welcome this, that's why we openly curate MozFest! -- you'll first have to create a free Github account.

Once you have an account, simply write your comment or question in the text box at the bottom of the issue and hit the green 'comment' button.

Github as a curation tool

Github Issues are submitted sessions from the Call for Proposals form on the MozFest website.

Each space is represented as a Github milestone. Each milestone includes description of its respective space. The Secondary Space is seen as a label such as: [Secondary Space] Web Literacy

We use Labels as tools to sort and review sessions. You will see labels indicating session languages, if a travel stipend has been requested and the type of format sessions.

We have 3 formats for sessions

Shed, for hands-on making, hacking and prototyping. Sessions in the Shed require attendees to create and build code, objects or crafts Learning Forum, for listening, learning and discussing individual topics. Sessions here develop and implement ideas for improvement, exchange or review. Gallery, contains interactive exhibits, installations, games, stalls designed for 1:1 self driven experience and emergent activities. Often these experiences or activities are not scheduled time blocks but take place over the day or weekend allowing access and interaction at any time. The Gallery can provide context for upcoming sessions, and finished prototypes from sessions for that relevant Space.

We are here to help in case you get stuck or need help at anytime. Don't worry -- you can't break anything!

Important note

All session submissions must come through the official Call for Proposals form on the MozFest website. Do not manually add a new ticket here as it will not integrate with the rest of our systems.

Github Etiquette

Please be advised that if you create a user name and comment on issues, your comments will be public. We will not publish anyone's personal information, and we ask you to respect this in your comments. People who are submitting a session are putting themselves out there and we are invested in ensuring they have a good experience with us, regardless whether their session is accepted or not.

Please be aware that many people are using Github for the first time, so be patient and offer to help if you see someone in need.

Participation Guidelines

MozFest respects Mozilla's community participation guidelines, which cover our behaviour as participants, facilitators, space wranglers, staff, volunteers, vendors, and anyone else involved in making MozFest possible. Please report unnacceptable behaviour to


MozFest session descriptions are owned by their respective submitters, but any content created by Mozilla is available under a CC BY 4.0 license.

Why we use Github Issues for MozFest

This is our fourth year of using Github to manage, review and curate sessions for MozFest. This tool allows us to better collaborate and coordinate across the program, as well as provide a record for how the program came together. We encourage the facilitators of these proposals to make comments, interact with each other and connect with the wranglers here, rather than email.

Improving this process

Ideas? Let us know: