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Mozilla Foundation – Engineering Guidebook
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Uses Mofo Standards

Mozilla Foundation – Engineering Standards

An overview of the best practices for the Mozilla Foundation engineering team.

The Stack

Note: The following are guidelines for new projects and aren't guaranteed to be in place for legacy codebases.



React is our preferred library for building UI on both web sites and applications.


We use npm as both a package manager and a task runner.

In order to ensure that our npm scripts work for Windows, Mac, and Linux developers we use the shx package to prefix UNIX commands.

EG: shx mkdir -p dest/css/ instead of just mkdir -p dest/css/



Bootstrap & Sass

We use a custom Bootstrap theme known as mofo-bootstrap as a CSS framework and utilize the Sass CSS preprocessor with the SCSS syntax.



Coding Standards

We enforce our coding standards with automated tooling ("linters"), that are usually tied to Travis. Failure to pass the linter (usually by running npm test) will result in a broken build. Your code should not be merged until all tests are passing.

Refer to Mofo Style for more info.


Make sure every repo contains an MPL 2.0 LICENSE file. This LICENSE file can be added by selecting "Mozilla Public License 2.0" when you create a new repo on GitHub.

For every npm-managed project, "license" : "MPL-2.0" should be included in the package.json file.

Publishing to npm

When publishing a shared library to npm, be sure to include mozillafoundation as a collaborator. This ensures that ops has access to administrate the module if necessary.

GitHub Flow

Active projects and future projects will use GitHub flow for branching. This means that new features should be written in feature branches based on master. When ready, open a pull request against master to have the new feature (or fix) brought into the base branch. Branches should only merge into master when fully completed, so other people's work is never blocked.

For more details, see:

NOTE: The decision to standardize GitHub flow on Mozilla Foundation projects was made In August 2016. Therefore, you can expect to find some projects that have yet to be updated to use GitHub flow. You will be able to identify these projects by checking what the base branch of the repository it. If it is develop you should use Git Flow, otherwise, use GitHub flow.

Code Review

Prior to landing a pull request in one of our repositories we require at least one developer to peer review your code.

On GitHub our repos should have the following labels (click here for the canonical list of labels with their coloring):

  • PR – Needs Review
  • PR – Needs Work
  • PR – Good To Merge

When you make a PR, add the label PR – Needs Review and assign to another developer to conduct the review. Once a reviewer has completed their evaluation they will replace the label with either PR – Needs Work if changes are necessary, or PR – Good To Merge if the code is safe to be merged. The ticket should then be assigned back to the author.

If you get a PR – Needs Work response, then you can make the requested changes and repeat the same process as outlined above.

If your PR is "good to merge", then you can go ahead and merge it! If your PR has multiple commits please squash them to a single descriptive commit that explains what your patch does (and why if applicable). If your PR is related to a GitHub issue, it's good practice to also include that number in the commit message (eg: Resolves #342).


We use webhooks to trigger automatic deployments to staging environments from the master branch. Production deployments will be performed manually by project members given the right permissions to do so. See the project specific documentation for details on an application's deployment pipeline.

Internal Libraries

Add the "uses mofo-standards" badge to projects

In order to show that a codebase or project conforms to the standards talked about in this guide, add the following code to the top of the file:

[![Uses Mofo Standards](](
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