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All the MozFest program data is in the "Issues" section of this Github repository. This is a brief tutorial to help you get started with Github Issues.

Its important to note that all session submissions come through the official Call for Proposals form on the MozFest website and are not added manually here. Please submit via the Call form only.

Why we're using Github Issues for MozFest

This is our second year of using Github to manage, review and curate sessions for MozFest. This tool allows us to better collaborate and coordinate across the program, as well as provide a record for how the program came together.

We are here to help in case you get stuck or need help at anytime. Don't worry -- you can't break anything!

Who is using Github Issues for MozFest

Everyone that proposes a session is given a link to their issue in this repo. A core team of Space Wranglers, Pathway Finders and Mozfest production team members will curate these sessions into the final program for this year's festival.

Getting started with Github Issues

Github Issues is a powerful way to collaborate on Github. It was originally designed as an "issue tracker" or project management tool for editing code. However, its simple interface allows us to adapt it for MozFest's program curation.

To get started, you'll first have to create a Github account.

Once you've created your account, send your Github user name to You will then be notified that you have access to the MozFest Program repository.

Github Etiquette

Please be advised that your comments will be recorded and may be viewed publicly at any time. We will not publish anyone's personal information, and we ask you to respect this in your comments. People who are submitting a session are putting themselves out there and we are invested in ensuring they have a good experience with us, regardless whether their session is accepted or not.

Please be aware that many people are using Github for the first time, so be patient and offer to help if you see someone in need.

Improving this process

Ideas? Let us know:


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