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RainofRust Campaign Kit

Rust is a state of art programming language for the modern day applications, which runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.

Main Aims:

RainofRust campaign aims at the following aspects:

  • Creating more awareness about Rust language across the students and developer communities
  • Inspire local Rust mobilizers to start regional user groups
  • Cruating workshop kit to produce tangible outputs as deliverables of the event
  • Increase adoption of Rust
  • Use the existing communication channels to support Rust community members

Metrics and Scope:

  • 500 dedicated user/adopters
  • 25 Rust events (online/offline)
  • 100 attendees creating a rustaceans profile
  • 100 attendees joining the Rust users discourse channel
  • 10 attendees will creat a crate
  • 100 attendees joining the Rust Reddit channel
  • 200 attendees tweeting to rustlang about a feature of rust

Host an event

Interested to host an event in your city, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Get your event listed in the Reps portal:
  1. Create an issue in the following manner:
## Name of the Event
(Rust Hackday @ABC city)

### Location 
(ABC city)

### Event Link
(Reps portal link)

### Expected Participants and profile

100 people
* 50 web developers
* 30 Students
* 20 Business professionals

### Links to pictures
Flickr /Google photos

### Agenda of the event

* Introductory event covering
  * Installation of Rust compiler
  * Playing with Cargo
  * Creating your first Rust program
  * Exploring common data structure 

### Speaker details

Mozilla TechSpeaker xyz addressed the event
  1. Use the feedback form to report the how the event went

Community Support

Above are the standard ways to get your events listed we have other support channels to help you,

For any other doubts regarding any aspect please feel free to raise questions/feedbacks in the community telegram group.

Resource materials

Below are the general Rust kits for introductary events:

Rust Kits

Advance Rust events

These events are focussed at building tangible outputs at end of the day:

  • Rust-python binding
    • Creating a python module in Rust which focusses on delivering high performance
    • Code
    • Read the documentation here

Output :

Rust python benchmarks

  • Benchmarking Rust
    • Learn to benchmark different functional units of a Rust program
    • Code
    • Read the documentation here

Output :

benchmarking Rust functions

  • Web development in Rust
    • Activity focusses on web development using Rust
    • Code
    • Read the documentation here

Output :

POST request : Create a new entry

DB status

DB Status : Before deleting a value and after posting a new value

DB status

Delete a value

Delete an entry

DB Status: After deleting

DB status

DB Status : Before getting all the values

DB status

GET request

GET Request

  • Web assembly activites

    • WebAssembly or wasm is a new portable, size- and load-time-efficient format suitable for compilation to the web
    • Documentation
  • Servo project experiments

  • Contribute to whitepaper on benchmarking Rust

    • Select an issue and publish your result

Code of conduct

Please follow the code of conduct listed here in your events.