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Mozilla India Developer Leaderboard

How awesome are you among your peers? Find out in this leaderboard.

How does it work?

Leaderboard has a backend & a frontend (this being the frontend)

The Backend

The following is run as a daily cron-job to fetch the data to be used by the frontend. This makes the data non-realtime; however, that saves us from making truck-load of BZ queries from each client.

  • We ask the list of Mozillians from India
  • We use their emails to query BMO
  • We get the list of Mozillians with Assigned bugs
  • We check for how many bugs they've fixed with patches
  • We save the list as stats.json, to be consumed by the frontend

The frontend

The frontend is really a simpleton. It only asks for the JSON provided by the backend & formats it in a way that gives us better understanding of the developer-contribution metrics.