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MozUI:Future of UX/UI

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What is MozUI?

MozUI solves problem of many users who have not better experience of web page surfing on Firefox and other browsers. Basically it's an UI framework which will help developers to make a webpage which is browser independent and provides best user experience to all users.It'll contain some other advance components which is not provided in other amazing UI frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, Flat UI, and Ionic. There are many more but we can list all here.

We've written a short manual explaining how you can adapt it for your own needs.

Who is MozUI for?

The MozUI concept is targeted at any developers group, from coding clubs to academic labs, and for Learners also who want to:

  1. Adopt such a amazing experience of components.
  2. Learn about UI and Ux.
  3. Support open source community.
  4. Want to make changes and make it more better for users.

We expect it'll help you a lot share your experience here.

How can I use MozUI?

Why MozUI?

MozUI is compiling all the amazing components of every UI framework and developing also our own components for making a browser independent pages.

Give your Ideas for MozUI

To contribute in MozUI by giving your ideas please go through here

How can I contribute to MozUI?

To learn more about contributing, check out our Issues tracker and see our contributor code of conduct..

Communication Links

Dear Contributors you all can join our community by going through below links: Gitter

Contributors Name

Our top contributors