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Card Generator

Business card generator for the Mozilla community

An active maintained version is available here:

How to add new card template

  • Fork yourselves a copy of this repo and edit there.
  • Add a normal HTML file of the card design to /templates directory and of the back side of the card to /templates/back directory.
  • In the template HTML, add the attribute contenteditable for all text you want to make editable.
  • Add any images required in template file to templates/images the path of the image will be ../templates/images/yourimage.png
  • Put your CSS files separately to the ../css/yourdir/front.css, ../css/yourdir/front.css.
  • The dimensions of the card template should be 439x259.
  • Commit and push to your own fork, and open a pull request.
  • Following fonts were installed: Roboto, MetaBold, Open Sans, FontAwesome, Fira Sans please note if you would like to use another font it might be a bit tricky to make it work. Lear more about vendor/mpdf.

(Or if that's too much for you, you can just send the template design to or


  • PHP5 with GD library